Personal Wager is a fully operational player to player or head to head wagering system located at www.personalwager.com

Current Phase Ends In :

Personal Wager aims to create a globally accessible esports player to player (P2P) wagering system, allowing players in any country to wager on their own skill with players at home or in any other country. In the near future, with an expansion into an AI to AI (A2A) system through the acquisition key gaming assets, Personal Wager expects to be the de-facto standard for human vs human, AI vs AI, and human vs AI wagering.


The eSports industry is on a positive trajectory to becoming one of the largest markets we’ve seen in a long time. Personal Wager is positioned to capture a large part of the niche P2P (Player to Player) wagering market.
A wager between two players on a game of skill is legal in most jurisdictions, including all but 12 USA states, unlike internet gambling. Personal Wager is creating its own utility token called Player Won Token (“PWON”) to assist in facilitating the growing popularity of wagering between players around the world.
Traditional exchanges of winnings for a personal wager relied on cash and locally played games. When these wagers were brought to the web, they were hard to fund internationally, as a large proportion of the players still only have cash and as a result, wagers have mainly been created in local currencies, and still with substantial losses due to high FIAT currency conversions. In times of small wagers, it can be difficult to pay the winnings back to the players due to costs, exchange rates, and currency controls.
While we all agree that current payment systems are functional to a degree, some payment systems are not always able to interact with other international payment systems in other countries, due to the type of transaction facilitated. It is also extremely difficult to repay the winnings to the same system, thus the player must buy-in on one system, and receive his winnings on another, resulting in delays on funding to play, and receiving winnings.


Personal Wager’s “Secret Sauce” allows all users to play ANY game on ANY platform at ANY time, including face to face board games.


Every wager played by Personal Wager participants is recorded in real-time on their report card and is accessible by other members via the blockchain.






Liquidity: There may not be a market to exchange your tokens at any point in the future.

Coin Value: There is no value mechanism to provide any benefit to token holders, unless it is a registered security token.

Lack of Market Makers: Token value of existing ICOs is solely dependant on the development of the project. If there is no nurturing of the community or use cases the token has no value and is doomed to fail.

Failure: There may not be a completed product/service at the end of the funds.

An ICO+ addresses the issues above without becoming a security.


Brian R. Niessen, Bonaire
Brian R. Niessen, Bonaire

Known as a grandfather in the video game industry, during 1982-1995, Brian was the founder of a software company that produced video games for the Commodore VIC‐20 and Commodore C-64 as well as providing specialized software to the majority of the video game companies such as Electronic Arts.
Since beginning in the gaming sector, he never strayed far from it and he became head of operations of Televizni Bingo in Prague during 1994‐ 1996, a position which included all ticket design, game implementation, technologies, accounting, and legal, generating $84 million in sales in a year and half.
From 1996‐2017, Brian worked in the Internet Gambling area, specializing in game logic, payment systems, forensics and operations as well as fintech systems for stock exchanges and brokerage houses.
Under Mr. Niessen’s leadership, his team of world‐class gaming and gambling experts, including part of the original Pong / Space‐Invaders / PacMan / DigDug marketing and operations team, is poised and ready to turn on the engine and become the world leader in the area of eSports one‐vs‐one, team‐vs‐team, AI vs AI, and AI vs human wagering.

Simon Shaw, Costa Rica
Simon Shaw, Costa Rica

As Chief FinancialOfficer, Mr. Shaw is responsible for all financial processes in Personal Wager.
Mr. Shaw business experiences include banking, international shipping, office systems, R&D, Trust management, International Corporation creation and management and consulting to companies in a myriad of industries. He has conducted business in Asia, Europe and North and Central America, which has provided him with a global perspective, a multicultural understanding and the ability to negotiate and conduct business in cross-cultural environments.

Chris Webster, Canada
Chris Webster, Canada

Mr. Webster was General Manager of a “top ten” online entertainment company operating Casinos, Bingos, and Poker sites.
He was also director of International Sales for Wire Card, a leading technology provider and service provider for electronic payment processing and integrated risk-management.
This will be the third cooperation between the founder, Mr. Niessen and Mr. Webster.

John Krejci, Bonaire
John Krejci, Bonaire
Event Marketing

John has been involved in the online gaming industry in Costa Rica and Curacao for the last 15 years. He has acquired a massive amount of invaluable knowledge and experience in the industry from all over the world. He earned the respect of his peers and employers alike.
Customer acquisition, client retention, creating marketing campaigns and promotions, designing contests with online forum participation, affiliates, promotional videos, payment solutions including cryptocurrencies, sales training, collections and client/prospect host were some of the duties he was responsible for.

Gian Perroni, Costa Rica
Gian Perroni, Costa Rica
Affiliate Marketing: B2C

Gian is an extensively experienced gaming professional who has been active in both the online and land-based gaming industry for more than 20 years. He has provided services to clients throughout the United States, the UK, Costa Rica, Malta, Austria, Ireland and numerous other locations. Gian has traveled extensively throughout the gaming world, speaking at numerous gaming conferences and summits, as well as promoting the products and services of his clients.
In addition to his work in the gaming industry, Gian also works within the international loyalty industry, introducing games and game-play opportunities to members of frequent flyer programs, including skill games, games of chance, social games and fantasy sports. Gian and Brian have been associates for about 11 years.

Jonathan Miller, Costa Rica
Jonathan Miller, Costa Rica
Affiliate Marketing: P2P

Jon has 35+ years experience as a Business Development Consultant, specializing in strategic planning, market creation, and vision implementation. Technically proficient, he designs, hosts and manages more than 200 Internet marketing sites, adding value in industries as diverse as Computer Sales & Service, Latin-American Consulting, Real Estate Development, Networking and Tourism.
Jon has lived and worked in Canada, the U.S. (1982 – 1987 living and working in the Finance District of Manhattan, N.Y.), Hong Kong, Colombia, and Costa Rica. He currently maintains strategic alliances in Canada, USA, China, Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama and Mexico.
Jon’s Network Marketing expertise and experience will form one of the unique marketing plans of the Personal Wager. Featured in Zig Ziglar’s “Network Marketing for Dummies” as 1 of 10 Top Industry Experts, Jon offers an exceptional market perspective on this powerful distribution industry.

Rob Stewart, Canada
Rob Stewart, Canada
Event Marketing

Mr. Stewart is a well-traveled individual versed in many different fields.
After university, Mr. Stewart began his career in business and undertook various roles with different organizations throughout North America in the Law Enforcement Field, Health Food Industry, Construction Industry, Real Estate Development, and the Home Health Care sector.
Promotion, marketing and sales have always been the main focus of Rob’s various projects, each with a very specific target market in mind. Rob networks online and at global trade shows and conferences while searching for new business opportunities.
His ability to seek out growth partners and form joint ventures is unique.

Victor Bigio, Canada
Victor Bigio, Canada
Director of Marketing

Victor provides marketing and promotional expertise for I-Gaming strategies including legislative and regulatory analysis for U.S. gaming, market research and competitive analysis of the free money, virtual currency and real money gaming spaces. He has also previously overseen all marketing initiatives for the first Government regulated Internet Gaming network, comprised of several of the Canadian Provincial Lotteries.
He was responsible for designing, executing and maintaining the acquisition, conversion and retention promotions for this network, including the use of all available online, social and offline channels, focusing on extending the lottery brand into the Internet space and converting the current online gamers to the regulated network.

Tony Kazyumba, Africa
Tony Kazyumba, Africa
Africa Partner Relationships

Tony Kazyumba is a dynamic entrepreneur with strong operation skills in various businesses – specifically gaming and gambling and a deep knowledge of the African Market.
Tony will be Personal Wager’s “feet on the ground” on the African continent, supporting marketing and operations in the following countries: Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Angola, DRC, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Nigeria, Guinea, Ghana, Mauritius, Mozambique, Swaziland, Morocco, Togo, Senegal and Madagascar.

Jan Nemec, Czech Republic
Jan Nemec, Czech Republic

Mr. Nemec has spent his career in an international environment around mobile communication, payment and government program services. His main focus of the last ten years was around mobile financial services, enabling the key industry players around the world to access money using mobile devices. He played key roles in the teams that introduced the first multi-banking application in the mobile phone, the first contactless payment application in mobile and the first solutions allowing issuance of payment cards in the mobile area.
His strong security and technical background combined with the business education and mindset allowed him to progress to key roles influencing the trends and future of mobile and payment industry.
He is involved in corporate venturing activities, due diligence processes with partners and suppliers around the world, in charge of building and execution of business plans and alignment of corporate business structures.
Jan is big fan of modern management, enjoying his consulting role in many small companies and startups in the Czech Republic and investing in finance and gaming projects in Asia and Latin America including World’s Largest Bingo.

Alex Contes, Romania
Alex Contes, Romania
Lead Developer: Personal Wager and iOS

Alex is not solely technical person, but he is a game player as well. His interest in PersonalWager.com was not only as a website developer, but as a businessman and user of the site as well.
Alex has more than seven years experience in developing large website projects encompassing strong OOP and application architecture, augmented with real-world large-scale experience including load balancing, server configuration, database optimization, security, and e-commerce.
Alex possesses extensive full-lifecycle experience from concept to launch to maintenance to success driven growth.

Jaro Resovsky, Slovakia
Jaro Resovsky, Slovakia
Lead Developer: Blockchain and Android

Jerry also a game player and developer who sees the potential in the Player to Player and the AI to AI version.
Jerry has worked with Brian on other projects in the past, including the Startup Stock Exchange at www.startup.sx as the Lead Developer where he implemented the Bitcoin/Blockchain interfaces in addition to a majority of the UI and Admin codebase

Michael Wright, USA
Michael Wright, USA
Advisor: Gaming

Mr. Wright’s 35 years executive experience encompasses senior management, manufacturing, sales, and marketing. He was Executive VP of Exidy, a manufacturer of video games; handled International Sales and Marketing for Taito Corporation, Japan’s leading video game manufacturer; was President of Simutrek, an industry pioneer in Laser Disc technology for coin operated video games; was Managing Director of the Czech Republic National TV Bingo Lottery; was President of On-Point, manufacturer of high technology vending machines for the lottery and transportation industries; was President and CEO of Border Capital, a Canadian public company involved in the software and design of TV game shows for the global lottery industry. Mr. Wright was also intimately involved in marketing and sales with Bally Manufacturing at the start of the Video Game Industry.

Ben Jordan, Malta
Ben Jordan, Malta
Advisor: Player ID, Fraud Control, Payment Systems

Ben Jordan is a risk management professional who has extensive experience in both online gaming and financial sectors, including American Express and Lloyds TSB. He has over ten years experience in the gaming sector, working in Costa Rica, London, the Isle of Man and Malta.
Mr. Jordan was Senior Security Manager for PokerStars responsible for the Risk and Fraud mitigation best practice within the online space. Mr. Jordan is based in Malta. Mr. Jordan has a wide range of knowledge and experience within various areas of e-gaming.

Slim Hemory, United Kingdom
Slim Hemory, United Kingdom
Strategic and Visionary Stealth Advisor

Having a background in A.I, gaming, e-commerce, electronics, design and on-hand technical systems knowledge all the way back to the IBM 8081, Slim has built titles as far back as the Commodore 64, built and managed huge teams in many industries, and now a controlling partner in a prominent blockchain company being Chief of Technical Operations and ‘closed door’ strategic advisor for many blockchain projects across the world. Slim has also written many technical whitepapers and has developed strategies that have changed blockchain for the better. Slim’s links across the digital space, and no nonsense approach to both blockchain and gaming are an asset to the future of Personal Wager.

“Black_Rhino96”, Canada
“Black_Rhino96”, Canada
Strategic marketing and KD Champ

With years of sales, marketing and management experience BlackRhino was appointed as head of sales and a controlling partner of a well-established blockchain company. In his tenure he has assisted a number of projects ranging from pre-funding to post-funding. His specialty is devising lucrative marketing strategies and getting those around him excited about the projects he’s involved in. With his new position as strategic advisor for Personal Wager he plans to use the XP gained to take this project to a new level. In his spare time he likes to kick ass and chew bubblegum.

Name Withheld, Curacao
Name Withheld, Curacao
Crypto/Blockchain Expert

This gentleman is a member of the Blockchain and Crypto Currency Taskforce (“BCT”) specializing in matters related to Crypto Currencies and Blockchain.



Personal Wager encompasses four key features to provide users with a truly unique experience:


Personal Wager is a peer-to-peer platform where clients choose and interact directly with the person who will be playing agaınst them instead of a third-party. Using smart contracts and transactional credits, the platform will provide trustless, secure wagers, plus multiple escrow services, payment gateways and API integrations.


Personal Wager is compatible with all games of skill in which there is a provable winner. By not requiring code integration, Personal Wager instantly has thousands of games available to be played and wagered on. Personal Wager does have an API/SDK available at no cost to the game developers to allow instant in-game wagers.


Personal Wager's supported game library is generated by the users. When a new game is introduced, the Personal Wager customer service staff only need to research and approve (or deny) the game into the system.


Personal Wager is a true meritocracy and is thus self-policing. Players with good reviews will see more exposure and therefore more transactions.

In addition, registration is free, players can use the platform on mobile, tablet and PC/Apple computers, and players are able to compete on a variety of games on various platforms.


Ticker: PWON
Token Name: Player Won Token
Token Platform: ERC-20
First Phase Price: $0.065
Token Sale Price: $0.10
ICO Hard Cap: $25,000,000
ICO Soft Cap: $2,500,000
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 PWON
Minimum Purchase: $25.00
Token Sale: 200,000,000 PWON
Total Sale Supply: 300,000,000 PWON
Available options to purchase PWON: BTC, ETH, USD (Contact us for USD)

PWON Tokens will be distributed to the ERC-20 compatible wallet provided in My.PersonalWager.io 10 business days following the end of the ICO+. Management are not responsible for incorrect or non ERC-20 compatible wallets submitted to the dashboard.




Globe Telecom and Esports AcadArena have collaborated with Riot Games Southeast Asia to build Philippines collegiate Esports.

The deal aims to promote Esports in the Philippines by encouraging the next generation of professional players and video game industry professionals.

FATE Esports, a Jordanian esports organisation has partnered with Hyper X, a peripheral brand to see all FATE Esports' players and streamer supplied with HyperX products.

FATE Esports has gained presence across Jordan, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Germany, Serbia, and Qatar.

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